"SUN INNOVATIVE" offers the best quality and most reliable Lightning Arrestor or Spike Lightning Protection Rod and designed for easy installation and very low maintenance. The offered spike lightning protection rod or air terminals are manufactured using latest technology and pure materials like copper. Lightning Arrestor or Spike Lightning Protection Rod are tested in all the climate conditions and highest quality is maintained. 


  • Lightning Protection System or Lightning Conductor Systems

Designs lightning protection systems to protect a commercial or residential structure from damage due to lightning strikes by intercepting such strikes and safely passing their extremely high voltage currents to "ground". Lightning protection systems include a network of ESE (Early Streamer Emission) lightning rods, metal conductors, and ground & electrodes designed to provide a low resistance path to ground for potential strikes.

Following are the components of Lightning Protection System (LPS) :-


  • Air Terminals

Use air terminals in the form of vertical air rods for directing and receiving the lightning strikes for transmission to the earth. Choose the right air terminal based on equipment building or geographical area.


  • Air Terminal Base

Choose the correct air terminal base. This will ensure that the vertical air rods are both solidly fixed to the fabric of the structure and have a low resistance connection to the conductor network. 


  • Air Terminal Network

The air termination network is the point of connection for a lightning strike. It typically consists of a meshed conductor arrangement covering the roof of the structure.


  • Lightning Conductors

First choose the material required, i.e. copper or aluminium then choose the type of conductor required, i.e. tape, solid circular or stranded.


  • Conductor Fixing Saddle

Select the correct system of fixings for each part of the conductor system. Fixings are available for a wide range of modern construction materials.


  • Earth Terminal Network

The means of dissipating the current to the general mass of earth.


  • Earth Electrodes

Choose an earth electrode to suit the ground conditions in the locality of the structure. Electrodes are available in the form of ready made electrodes or rods and plates.


SKU: SI_P_001
    • Very high electrical conductivity

    • Tested and suitable for all weather and climates

    • Very durable and very low maintenance cost

    • Intercept Lightning Flashes

    • Protects equipment from surges and transients on incoming power lines.

    • Prevents equipment damage and costly operational downtime

  • Lenghth of Rod : 2 Meter 

    Material : Pure Copper

    Weight : 1.7 kG


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