This is a 5V 2-Channel Relay interface board, Be able to control various appliances and other equipment with large current. It can be controlled directly by Micro-controller (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, 8051, AVR, PIC, DSP, ARM, ARM, MSP430, TTL logic).


NO is normally open i.e. the contacts are normally open and close when the switch is actuated. NC is normally closed i.e. the contacts are normally closed and openwhen the switch is actuated. 1NO1NC is generally used to describe contactors (industrial power relays) and manual switches like emergency stop buttons.


An AC bulb is used for demonstration. The 12v adaptor is used for powering the circuit. Working is simple, we need to make the RELAY Pin (PIN A0) high to make the Relay module ON and make the RELAY pin low to turn off the Relay Module. The AC light will also turn on and off according to Relay.

5V RELAY 2-Channel Module for Arduino Controller

SKU: SI_0003
    • 5V 2-Channel Relay interface board, and each one needs 15-20mA Driver Current
    •  Equiped with high-current relay, AC250V 10A ; DC30V 10A
    • Standard interface that can be controlled directly by microcontroller (Arduino , 8051, AVR, PIC, DSP, ARM, ARM, MSP430, TTL logic)  
    • Indication LED’s for Relay output status
    • It activates on low level
    • Number of channel: 2
    • Maximum Output Current Rating: 10A
    • Maximum Output Voltage Rating: AC 250V / DC 30V
    • Input power source: 5V DC (160MA)
    • Input control signal: Selectable by jumper plug, Low level trigger (PNP) or High level trigger (PNP)
    • Size: 50x41x18mm
    • Weight: 30g