Net Metering Works ?

What is Bi-Directional Metering ?

An electricity generated by the Solar Rooftop System is first utilized by the consumer to meet their internal/captive requirements. Excess electricity, if any, is exported to the grid. Subsequently, when the consumer imports power from the grid, the exports are adjusted against the imports, lowering the electricity bill.

A net meter (bi-directional meter) records the energy imported from the grid to meet the load and surplus energy exported to the grid after self-consumption. Both energy import and export are recorded in the net meter. The difference between export and import readings is the actual energy consumed/delivered.

Electrical Billing for Customer 

The energy generated from Solar Rooftop System shall be adjusted against the consumption of energy from the DISCOM by an eligible developer/consumer every month. In case of groups/societies, the energy generated shall be prorated as per the installed capacity share indicated in the Agreement between the group/society and DISCOM. This computed energy share shall be adjusted against the consumption of energy for each consumer every month.

In case of excess generation (after energy adjustment) injected into DISCOM network in a billing month will be carried forward to the next month till every quarter end and settlement will take place on an Average Cost of Supply (ACOS) basis for net metering as determined by APERC from time to time.

Example of Billing under Net Metering for Individual Consumers

Domestic consumer installs a 2 kWp Solar Rooftop System which generates an average of 288 units per month. We have considered the following Retail Tariff and ACOS of INR 5.54/kWh to illustrate the benefits under net metering for individual consumers.

What is Gross Pay ?

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